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Jungle nature trails are a great way to venture into the jungle, following expert naturalist guides along established paths. Although the size of the trees, density of the canopy and the scale of the rainforest here make it hard to spot wildlife on the walk, you will certainly hear the many sounds of the jungle and will be introduced to the remarkable plant life found on the forest floor. There may also be the opportunity to learn about how locals can survive in the Amazon; how to find food and water and climb trees, as well as the medicinal qualities of the various plants.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Brazilian Amazon
What to do in the Brazilian Amazon

Meeting of the Waters

Marvel at this natural phenomenon, where two rivers run side-by-side to form the Amazon River.

Canoe Rides

Access the narrow creeks and flooded forests of the Amazon by paddle canoe, only the lookout for pink dolphin.

Caiman Spotting

Venture out on a night-time boat trip to look for nocturnal creatures, including caimans up-close.