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Paddle canoes are great for exploring some of the otherwise inaccessible narrows creeks and flooded forests of the Amazon. As well as their small size, they are also much quieter than the motorized versions and so less likely to scare off any wildlife. One animal you could encounter on your canoe excursion could be the majestic pink river dolphin, whilst monkeys, sloths and exotic birds could also make an appearance. There might also be opportunities to swim in parts of the water.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Brazilian Amazon
What to do in the Brazilian Amazon

Jungle Nature Trails

Head into the jungle in the company of an expert guide to discover the extraordinary plant life of the Amazon.

Piranha Fishing

Try your hand at some Amazon-style fishing to catch piranha before heading back at sunset.

Amazon Community Visit

Meet Amazon natives to learn about how they have adapted to life deep in the jungle.