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Visitors to the Brazilian Amazon can try their hand at fishing, jungle style. The main object of the activity is to catch the famed piranha fish, a task made considerably easier during the dry season when there is much less water for them to hide in. You will head out in a motorboat in the company of an expert guide, who will help you cast your bait to make a catch, sometimes a piranha, or perhaps a different Amazon fish. Once the sun goes down you will head back to the lodge and perhaps cook up your catch. Near the Juma lodge there is also a Pirarucu Floating Dock where you will have the chance to feed these giant fish and observe their impressive strength.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Brazilian Amazon
What to do in the Brazilian Amazon

Caiman Spotting

Venture out on a night-time boat trip to look for nocturnal creatures, including caimans up-close.

Tree Climbing

Those staying at the Juma Lodge can arrange this unusual way to get closer to the dense forest canopy.

Amazon Community Visit

Meet Amazon natives to learn about how they have adapted to life deep in the jungle.