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El Chalten in Patagonia is a centre for hiking trails to remote Andean lagoons in the Fitzroy mountain range.

El Chalten is a centre for world class hiking opportunities, the majority of which end on the shores of a peaceful lagoon at the foot of towering spires, reached only by long yet manageable treks. Along the way, the ever-changing scenery of meandering rivers, gentle waterfalls, thick woodland, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains provides a stunning backdrop. Another popular activity here is horse riding in the valley of the Rio de La Vueltas, the perfect way to sooth your aching legs after those long treks.

Los Glaciares is one of the most impressive national parks in Argentina. The vast reserve that protects around 2,300 square miles of Patagonian Andes includes more than 40 major glaciers. The northern section of the park is dominated by the world famous Fitzroy Massif, which rises 6,000 feet from the glaciers at its base and stands watch over the tiny El Chalten.


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El Chalten

A tale of horses, bandits and endless skies in El Chalten

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El Chalten

A tale of horses, bandits and endless skies in El Chalten

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