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Tierra del Fuego embraces the romantic wilderness of Patagonia, a land of glaciers, immense granite massifs, and the barren, windswept southern tip where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet with the Antarctic seas.

The small town of Punta Arenas is the gateway to Chilean Tierra del Fuego and the Torres del Paine National Park, a three hour drive north.

TheĀ Land of FireĀ represents the last vestiges of civilisation, before the Andes break up and disappear into the sea and the open waters of the Drake Passage lead to the great abyss of Antarctica. Tierra del Fuego is a barren region of isolated bays, remote penguin and elephant seal colonies and dense Patagonian forests, and where huge glaciers tumble down snow-capped mountains and into the vast Chilean fjords. Specialist boat trips allow you to follow in the footsteps of the early intrepid explorers, traversing the mythical Beagle Channel and Magellan Straits and reaching the Cape Horn national park, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet at the very end of the world.

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Stunning coastal landscapes await

Cape Horn Australis cruise


Cape Horn: Life at latitude 50

9375 A Journey Along The Andes

A journey along the Andes

8189 Where To See Penguins In The Wild

Where to see penguins in the wild

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Top places to go in Patagonia

Top places to go in Patagonia

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9422 Punta Arenas Tour & Museum

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

Punta Arenas Tour & Museum

Delve into Punta Arenas to discover the human history and unique landscapes of Southern Patagonia.

9424 Magdalena Island

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

Magdalena Island

Leave Punta Arenas and follow a historic navigation route to visit a remote Magellanic penguin colony.

9423 Fort Bulnes & Puerto De Hambre

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

Fort Bulnes & Puerto De Hambre

Drive through lenga forest to visit two places of significant historic interest, close to Punta Arenas.

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Remote mountains and glaciers

Australis Expedition Cruises

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

First Cruise Vessel

11891 Stella Australis

Stella Australis

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

First Cruise Vessel

11956 Ventus Australis

Ventus Australis

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

First Cruise Vessel


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