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This half day excursion leaves Punta Arenas to board our watercraft and head to the Magdalena Island, nestled in the middle of the Strait of Magellan. To get there, we will follow the same navigation route used by some of the most daring explorers in the world, such as Sir Francis Drake and Charles Darwin. As we get closer to the shore, you will understand why it is considered to be such a spectacle of nature and as we disembark on the island there will be a variety of interesting bird life waiting for us, including cormorants, sea gulls and one of the largest penguin colonies in Chile.

The population of Magellanic penguins here is estimated to be more than 60.000 breeding pairs. After taking some pictures of these beautiful creatures, we will follow a trail that will lead us to the light house of the island, from where we will have panoramic views of the island and the surrounding areas. After this incredible experience, we will be ready to return to Punta Arenas.

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