Take a voyage to the pristine fjords, towering glaciers, verdant forests and historic bays of Tierra del Fuego.

Deep in the far south of Patagonia is Tierra del Fuego. Australis ships cruise the dramatic landscape of glaciers, rocky islands, calm canals and snow covered peaks at the junction of the Pacific, Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans

The Stella Australis is a luxurious, awe-inspiring cruise ship. The ship, which was constructed in 2010, consists of 100 cabins and can hold up to 210 passengers. During the cruise, there will be daily inland tours lasting approximately two hours.

These tours are organized and managed by the Australis Expedition Group and consist of walks through trails in the native Chilean forest and visits to glaciers. The tours include talks on the wildlife and plantlife of the area. A delicious whisky with the millenary ice, or a cup of hot chocolate will be served at the end of the excursions. 

You will travel between Ushuaia in Argentine Tierra del Fuego and Punta Arenas on the Chilean side, with itineraries available in both directions.