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Shared with Chile in Northern Patagonia, the Lake District offers wonderful alpine scenery and varied activities.

Set between the towering Andes in the west and the plains of Patagonia in the east, the Argentinean Lake District is a paradise for walks and horseriding in the summer and skiing in winter. The alpine scenery attracted European settlers at the end of the 19th century and their influence is visible in the Estancias, architecture, cuisine and chocolates.

Bariloche is the main centre for tourism, with its beautiful location on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi - an immense, 7-branched lake which sit in valleys carved by glaciers. The town is surrounded by alpine forests, and snow-capped mountains, making it the perfect destination for visitors keen on outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, horseriding or cycling. There is also plenty for those who prefer gentler activities, combined with stunning mountain and lake views, which can be seen in nearly every direction.

Want to see more of the Lake District? Visit the Chilean side

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9064 5 Ways To Explore The Argentine Lake District

5 Ways to Explore the Argentine Lake District

Plan your visit to Northern Patagonia, with some of the best things to do and places to go in the Argentine Lake District.

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Where to see Condors in South America

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Bariloche & Lake District

9050 Argentine Lake District Grand Tour

Argentine Lake District Grand Tour

Discover the lakes, lagoons, valleys, forests and mountains of the Argentine Lake District in this memorable grand tour.

9051 Hiking In Nahuel Huapi

Hiking in Nahuel Huapi

Immerse yourself in the splendid landscapes of the Argentine Lake District on a half-day hike.

9054 Seven Lakes Road

Seven Lakes Road

Enjoy one of Argentina's most spectacular drives, between Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andres.

9049 Enchanted Valley

Enchanted Valley

Marvel at the magical rock formations, ancient caves and spectacular views of the wonderfully-named Enchanted Valley.

9059 Llao Llao & Cerro Campanario

Llao Llao & Cerro Campanario

Gain a wonderful insight into the natural beauty, endemic bird-life and human history of the region around Bariloche.

9048 Lake Mascardi, Waterfall & Glacier

Lake Mascardi, Waterfall & Glacier

Take a panoramic trip around Lake Mascardi, with views of an impressive glacier and a waterfall.

9058 San Martin De Los Andes

San Martin de Los Andes

Drive the spectacular Seven Lakes Road to the charming town of San Martin de Los Andes.

9063 Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura

Discover a charming lakeside resort town, spectacularly located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

9053 Horse Riding In The Argentine Lake District

Horse riding in the Argentine Lake District

Ride across the open valleys of Northern Patagonia, looking out for local birds and enjoying sweeping views.

9052 Hiking To Condor Nest

Hiking to Condor nest

See the iconic birds soaring majestically overhead with a short hike to their volcanic ash nesting site.

9055 Venture Into Chile

Venture into Chile

A memorable journey into Chile to appreciate the green waters and spectacular landscapes of the region.

9060 Mount Tronador & Glaciers

Mount Tronador & Glaciers

Admire the beautiful glaciers and waterfalls of Mount Tronador, where sumptuous views abound.

9062 Victoria Island

Victoria Island

Take the ferry across the waters to the native woodlands and exotic flora and fauna of Victoria Island.

9057 River Manso Rafting

River Manso Rafting

A fun and high octane way to experience the natural splendour of the Argentine Lake District.

9061 Catch & Release Fishing

Catch & Release Fishing

Whether an expert or a beginner, the Argentine Lake District provides numerous places to fish for trout or salmon.


Bariloche & Lake District

1946 Lloa Lloa Hotel

Lloa Lloa Hotel

Well located within Nahuel Huapi National Park, the Lloa Lloa Hotel offers a wide range of activities to enjoy, from golf to…

1947 La Cascada

La Cascada

The La Cascada Hotel takes full advantage of its location in Bariloche overlooking Nahuel Huapi Lake with its popular restaur…

1948 El Casco Art

El Casco Art

A modern, yet elegant, hotel with stunning views of Nahuel Huapi Lake. Relax in the magnificent gardens and admire the hotel'…

1949 Nahuel Huapi


Ideal location in the centre of Bariloche where you can enjoy the nightlife within walking distance from the hotel. Only a fe…

1950 El Faro

El Faro

Overlooking Nahuel Huapi Lake, the El Faro hotel is a small and exclusive residence that blends in beautifully with the stunn…

1951 Sol Arrayan

Sol Arrayan

Experience Patagonia's spectacular scenery, including snow topped mountain peaks and Nahuel Huapi Lake, from the private beac…

1952 Correnotoso


A great choice of hotel if you are seeking to explore the wild outdoors of Patagonia. Located on the Correnotoso River, there…

Las Balsas View

Las Balsas

A stunning retreat on the shores on Nahuel Huapi Lake.

1954 La Chatelet

La Chatelet

A traditional alpine style hotel with a cosy atmosphere. Located a short walk to Lake Lacar, the hotel is popular with skiers…

1955 Las Lengas

Las Lengas

A lodge style hotel in a quiet location slightly away from the city centre. An excellent base to explore the surrounding Ande…

1956 Loi Suites Chapelco

Loi Suites Chapelco

Offering one of the most magnificent views of the Patagonian Andes, the Loi Suites Chapelco is a must for golfers, walkers an…




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