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Contemporary Argentina - from the second half of the twentieth century to modern day - cannot be understood without acknowledging and placing into context the Peronista emergence and its consequences. Peronism holds a vivid history that can be read in the Argentinean people, buildings, neighbourhoods and squares. On this special tour we will visit the sites that can explain the political and cultural conflicts that were brought about by the emergence of Juan D. Perón in the political arena. The tour also focuses on Eva Duarte, her political performance, her tragic death and the enduring continuity of her myth. Some of the key stages of her life are visited, as well as the place were her corpse was mummified and the museum opened to commemorate her legacy.

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Buenos Aires off the beaten track

Palermo, Retiro & Recoleta

Discover why Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris Of South America" in the city's grand northern barrios.

La Boca & San Telmo

These two barrios, south of the centre, are different in appearance but share much in common; history, character and the tang…

Colon Theatre

Visit one of the world's great theatres and one the city's most iconic structures - a magnificent fusion of architectural inf…