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Whilst tango can be seen on the streets of San Telmo and La Boca, there is no better place to appreciate it in its true glory than on an unforgettable evening attending one of the many famous tango and folklore shows Buenos Aires has to offer. Dotted across the city, though mainly concentrated in the San Telmo district, are a number of traditional tango clubs, offering sensational dancing, vivid storytelling and evocative scenes, accompanied by a sharp musical repertoire. 

Some of our favourite tango shows include the following:

  • Señor Tango
  • Esquina Carlos Gardel
  • Gala Tango
  • La Ventana
  • Los Angelitos
  • Rojo Tango
  • El Viejo Almacen (No Dinner, Best Dancing)

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do in Buenos Aires
What to do in Buenos Aires

8484 Tango Lesson

Tango Lesson

8481 Milonga Tango Dance

Milonga Tango Dance

8489 Palermo, Retiro & Recoleta

Palermo, Retiro & Recoleta


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