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La Estancia Villa María is a unique rural estate of 1.489 hectares, only 56 km away from Buenos Aires City. It can be reached by freeway.  It was built by Vicente Pereda at the end of the XIX century, and was from the start a pioneer in the cattle growing area of Cañuelas. 
In 1919 his son, Celedonio Pereda decided to build a new house, 
He ordered its drawings to the young Alejandro Bustillo, who was already the most fashionable architect in Buenos Aires´ high society. 
(In later years he built the Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche and the Provincial Hotel in Mar del Plata).
The first drawings date from 1920 -according to documents belonging to Architect Marta Levisman, curadora of the Bustillo archives.
The result is this magnificent three-floor Norman-Tudor neo-gothical mansion covering almost 3000 m2. 
The 74 hectares park and the superb house are an accurate exponent of the elegant ranches built by the Buenos Aires aristocracy towards the end of the XIXth century in the province of Buenos Aires.

In Villa María, a three floor Norman Tudor mansion, built by renowned architect Alejandro Bustillo in Maximo Paz, as many as 30 people can live comfortably with a view of a privileged landscape 75 hectare park, just 50 km from Buenos Aires city. Now owned by Eleonora Nazar Anchorena, Villa María opens its carved wood door to paying guests who want to rest in privacy and style.

In the main house, two white marble staircases lead to a maze of spacious corridors hung with big-name paintings, and to enormous bedrooms with masterfully inlaid wood floors and marble fireplaces.

On the ground floor, a piano room, a billiards rooms, two reading rooms, a large modern living room, a colonial dining room with 19th.century Spanish furniture where 22 can sit at three long tables, a modern breakfast room and tables on the veranda for another dozen diners provide room for everybody to find their own nook to eat, sleep and meditate.

Villa María guests laze in the princely blue swimming pool before lunch on the veranda can later opt for a stroll amidst the marble benches and statues. The park was designed 70 years ago by famous landscaper Charles Thays. You can spend a fantastic day or a weekend at our Estancia or organize Social or Business events with full equipment.