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Just a 4 hour drive from Rio, Comuna de Ibitipoca is a 5000-hectare reserve, set in the foothills of the Mantiqueira mountain range. This utterly inspiring conservation and sustainability project has at its heart reforestation, the rewinding of native species - especially muriqui woolly spider monkeys.

There are three accommodation concepts. Engenho Lodge - a restored 18th-century farmhouse with gorgeous rooms, decorated with exquisite, locally produced tapestries. Remote has three rustic houses, Spinoza, set in stunning locations and ideal for those seeking privacy and a close connection with nature. Village in the Vila do Mogol, 9km from Engenho, has four characterful houses dotted around the Wangari Maathai community.

Public facilities include two restaurants and a spa and hydro pool.

Daily activities include yoga, guided excursions exploring the expansive landscapes of the Reserve on foot or on horseback, by state of the art electric bikes and buggies, or 4x4 vehicles. Highlights include any number of pristine waterfalls, caves, sand dunes and the surrounding Atlantic rainforest with its lush vegetation of wild orchids, bromeliads, native kapok trees and wildlife, including colourful toucans, chattering monkeys and the more elusive wild jaguars, pumas and maned wolves. 

Guests staying in Mogol have additional options, including Life School for children, Kids learn about the flora and fauna around them, from cooking to tree planting or joining the team of biologists studying the resident northern muriqui spider monkeys. 


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