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The back roads from Puerto Varas offer fine views across the lake and surrounding volcanoes, as well as the promise of local craft beer just 3km down the road. Chester Beer Brewery has been producing traditionally brewed beer for many years now, and this brewery is the result of years of effort and an initial desire to provide good beer for the founder and his friends in Puerto Varas. With an excellent location, this first stop is just the beginning of our journey. We continue biking along the back roads via the small town of Llanquihe and follow the old road to Frutillar, bordering the lake and with stunning views of the mountains and the whole area.

After tackling an uphill section, we pass by rural farms with a strong German origin and enjoy a gentle descent into Frutillar, one of the most interesting cities of the Lake Llanquihue basin area. Frutillar boasts some well-preserved German architecture and the city’s culture is strongly linked to classical music, embodied in the Teatro del Lago (Lake Theatre). The second craft brewery of our journey is located in this city - the Salzburg Brewery. It is located in the grounds of the hotel of the same name and also offers a beautiful lake view. Different varieties of beer, such as Bock, Stout & Pale delight and refresh us at the end of our journey, before our private transport takes us back to Puerto Varas.

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