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You need to get up early for this full day trip out of the capital to the misty Bellavista Cloud Forest. On the way you will cross the Equatorial Monument and then turn off onto a dirt road with more fabulous views, before for the climb to Bellavista begins. Once at Bellavista, the hummingbirds take your full attention, as large numbers hover constantly round the feeders. It is easy to identify six to ten species at very close range. After breakfast we will go for a shared guided naturalist hike into the forest for about two hours. Your guide will acquaint you with the exuberant vegetation of the Cloud Forest, its bird life, and the fascinating adaptations to life in this special environment.

After a hearty lunch, you have the option to relax, watch the hummingbirds and admire the constantly changing play of cloud and light, or take yourselves on another hike into the forest, following well-marked trails.


READY - 20 April 2024

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