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LATAM Airlines Group is the result of the merger of Chilean LAN Airlines and Brazil's TAM Airlines, resulting a vast network of flights to South America for transatlantic flights; and internal flights throughout Brazil, Peru and Chile.

  • Chilean LAN Airlines and Brazil's TAM Airlines merged in 2012 to create the LATAM Airlines Group and a combined network of 40 destinations in Brazil, 16 in Peru, 14 in Argentina, 16 in Chile, 14 in Colombia, 5 in Ecuador and 2 in Paraguay. It is also the only airline that operates flights to Easter Island in Chile. LATAM international operations connect to Europe, United States, the Caribbean, and Oceania.
  • Latam is part of the Oneworld alliance, this allows travellers to accrue air miles with over 15 member airlines.
  • Veloso Tours has access to their LATAM tour operator rates, as well the South American Airpass. This allows us to offer our clients flight-inclusive bespoke packages for the whole of their network.
8248 Economy


Economy Class

LATAM Economy cabin Worldwide destinations

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8249 Enhanced Economy

Enhanced Economy

Enhanced Economy

LATAM offers Forward + or Space + seats have more legroom and are located in the first row of each cabin and in exit rows.

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8250 Premium Economy

Premium Economy

Premium Economy

Premium Economy cabin is featured in some medium haul flight within South America, the cabin offers priority service in the 4 rows for 12 passengers.

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8251 Business Class

Business Class

Business Class Latam Veloso Tours

LATAM Fleet featuring business class seats are Airbus 350-900, Boeing 767-300, Being 777-300, and the Boeing Dreamliners B787-800/900

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