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A Journey and Passion for People and Life in Latin America, India & China

Learn about the story that makes Veloso Tours a successful tour operator and our passion for Life in Latin America, India and China.

From his first visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos in 1986, Paulo Veloso has been fascinated by Life in Latin America. He fell in love with the way of life, the personality of the people, bustling markets, amazing landscapes and close historic link between Latin America and Portugal and Spain.  This passion is at the root of the ethos of Veloso Tours: Life in Latin America. Since then he and other team members have travelled throughout China, extending that ethos east as we broaden our horizons ever further.

In 1999 Veloso Tours was founded as a British Tour Operator, licensed by the CAA and member of ABTA and AITO. We have since continued to arrange unique holidays for our clients seeking an authentic and unforgettable experience of Central and South America. Still based in West London, Veloso Tours has expanded to have operations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Quito, Ecuador. Here we continue to research, manage and maintain one of the industry's most comprehensive and exclusive networks of ground operators and guides.

About Latin America

The Western tip of Europe (Britain, Spain and Portugal) took over the whole continent of The Americas, with Britain in North America and Spain and Portugal in the Centre and South, plus France dotted along in a few places. Later, many other nationalities, from all over the world, also settled and blended into the Americas, giving the region a distinctly Latin character, but with it's own unique personality. Here a heritage of ancient civilisations and colonial influences form the fascinating blend that we see today in the arts, architecture, music, weavings, cuisine, history, leisure and traditional and modern life.


At the very southern tip of South America is Tierra del Fuego, shared between Chile and Argentina. From here there is nothing until you reach Antarctica, an endless mass of snow and ice inhabited by penguins, sea birds and seals, with huge whales patrolling the waters. The remoteness and mystery of Antarctica is what most attracts us, facilitated by ice-strengthened expedition, research and cruise ships and the option to fly direct over the notorious Drake Passage.


For 2018 we are launching our tours to China. Many years and many visits in the making, these showcase the rich culture, historical heritage, thriving local life and magnificent landscapes of this extraordinary and complex country. We are fascinated by the ways of life of one of the world's oldest and most mysterious civilisations and the distinct cultures found in Tibet and Yunnan. The scenery ranges from snow-capped mountains, rugged canyons and dramatic river gorges, to startling rice terraces, misty karts peaks and expansive wetlands.


READY - 22 MAY 2022

WEBINARS with Experts Live Reports from our Experts and Guides in Latin America, China and India in Our Service above, with recordings of 15 webinars


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