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Lamanai & Orange Walk

Affectionately called "Sugar Region" due to its important production of cane sugar, the Orange Walk offers a variety of tourist attractions, from cultural sites, to delicious food, birdwatching and adventure trips. Those interested in Mayan culture will be dazzled by the ruins of Lamanai, well-known to be one of the biggest cities of the Mayan civilization and with two Roman Catholic churches built during the Yucatán Spanish conquest.

Cuello, considered as the oldest Mayan Site in Belize, is also a must-see when visiting the Orange Walk region. It offers protected rainforest in which jaguars are a common sighting, as are toucans, iguanas, and Baird's tapir. It is also possible to undertake adventure activities such as horse riding, biking and hiking.

Specialist Knowledge

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in Lamanai & Orange Walk

Lamanai Lodge

A wonderful forest retreat with included walks and boat trips exploring the nearby Mayan ruins and birdlife

Chan Chich

A beautifully crafted thatched lodge in the heart of the forest. A nature lovers paradise and perfect base for exploration.