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All Saint's Bay is a wonderful place for a schooner cruise, where distant tropical islands are lapped with crystaline and calm waters, inviting you in for a swim or to snorkel. Verdant Mata Atlantica forest covers much of the islands, joined by idyllic beaches and little else to disturb the natural beauty and tranquillity. In the distance, the Salvador skyline rises out of the water, providing spectacular panoramic views. The Bay is so named because it was first entered by Europeans over 500 years ago on November 1st - All Saint's Day.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do in Salvador da Bahia
What to do in Salvador da Bahia

Special tour of Salvador

Our special tour of Salvador, for a more in-depth perspective on the city's culture, local life and history.

Olodum Rehearsal

Join the crowds at the weekly Olodum rehearsal and enjoy the music that provides the soundtrack to Salvador.

Cachoeira & Recôncavo

Journey down the Bahian Recôncavo to the historic town of Cachoeira, visiting a cigar factory and vibrant fruit market.