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The highlight of this tour is the Ahu Akivi and its famous seven Moai statues, so synonymous with the remote Pacific Island. We will leave Hanga Roa and drive through beautiful hills to our first stop; the ceremonial place of Tahai. We then continue our drive to Ana Te Pahu, a cave that was created from the floating lava of the volcano, and the guide will explain to you the history of this place.

We will proceed to Ahu Te Peu, a former village where we can see an ancient 3 metre stone wall and the toppled remains of some Moai statues. Continuing our journey we will drive to the quarry Puna Pau, a crater of red Scoria, of which the Pukaos (hat-like statues which adorned some of the Moai) where built.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do on Easter Island
What to do on Easter Island

Rano Kau Volcano, Orongo & Tangata Caves

Enjoy crater lake views, discover another layer to the island's cultural tapestry and visit remote ruins and caves.

Moais, Rano Raraku Quarry & Anakena Beach

Explore the east of the island, seeing both fallen and standing Maoi and the quarry from which they were made.