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Come face-to-face with the 8,000 strong Terracotta Army, each carved to perfection and with unique features.

The Terracotta Army can be visited from the UK as part of a tailor-made holiday to China incorporating Xi'an.

What makes the famous Terracotta Army truly remarkable is the level of craftsmanship and detail of the 8,000 soldiers, archers and horses, each with their own unique facial expression and features. Originally the men were all equipped with weapons and painted in vibrant colours, pigments of which can still be seen if you look closely enough.

Located 40 miles from Xi’an, the army was built to protect the nearby tomb of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty - Qin Shihuang - and was accidentally discovered by local workers in the 1970s. The story behind Qin Shi Huang is an astonishing one - he was the first to establish a standard language, currency, measurements and weights for China. He build extensive road and waterway networks and also joined up fortifications to make the first iteration of the Great Wall.

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