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We drive around 90 minutes out of the city to a nearby agricultural estate for a comprehensive educational and enjoyable coffee experience. We will tour the farm in the company of an expert guide, getting to know first-hand the day-to-day activities of the farm and how these special coffees, which have been awarded in the most prestigious international championships, are produced.

Visit the seed nursery and germinator, the benefit plant, the drying area, the tasting laboratory and the coffee plantations, planted with the most exotic varieties. You will personally meet the people responsible for these tasks.

What to do in Bogota
Some of our favourite things to do in Bogota

Bogota Culinary Tour

The city of Bogotá brings together the whole country's cuisine for locals and visitors to taste and enjoy.

See & Taste Tour of Bogota

Sample some of Bogota's most popular dishes, sweets and beers and visit some lesser-known parts of the capital.

Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Venture below ground to the extraordinary Salt Cathedral in the colonial town of Zipaquirá.