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Discover India by national or luxury rail and enjoy authentic local life and some magical experiences

One of the most memorable ways to travel in India is by train. The British built the Indian national rail network, now the world’s 3rd largest over 63,000 Km’s in track and over 6,500 stations.

The joy of meeting local people (they will be keen to chat to you) as your travel past scenic landscapes, modern and ancient towns and cities will give you a deeper understanding of India and their people.

Veloso Tours can book a wide range of train journeys as part of your chosen itinerary, including all types of seats or sleepers depending on your budget. Indeed, as the writer Paul Theroux is so passionate about, included a few overnight sleeper journeys is not only great fun, but also enables your budget to stretch further as the trains all arrive in the centre of your destination, thus reducing transfers costs too.

For a completely different experience, India also offers several unique holiday experiences by luxury train, including the Maharajas Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and Indian Maharaja train. On these trains, you sleep in a well-appointed cabin or luxury suite, all your meals and drinks are included as well as excellent daily sightseeing in each stop. It is a super way of imagining travel in the days of the Maharajas and British with the added advantage, a bit like a cruise, that you do not need to pack and unpack every night. 


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Train journeys in India

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