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Pisac is a colonial town, built on the ruins of an Inca citadel by Viceroy Francisco de Toledo. It stands at the entrance to the immensely fertile Sacred Valley. The ruins are among the most spectacular of the region, flanked by large Inca terraces and overlooking a steep gorge. It has an interesting mix of buildings and its exact purpose is not known for certain, most commonly held to be a large fortress to protect the entrance to the valley.

Pisac is also home to a vibrant and colourful market. It is a wonderful place to observe buzzing local life, discover some of the local produce, shop for traditional handicrafts and sample local cuisine.

The huge fortress of Ollantaytambo is an archaeological complex believed to have been a gigantic agricultural, administrative, social, religious and military centre. The town itself is geometrically perfect; with straight streets, trapezoidal doors, and Inca drainage systems.

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Visit Inca ruins, textiles workshops, local markets and the salt ponds of the Sacred Valley.


Visiting the village of Willoq is like taking a journey into the past to meet the descendants of the Incas.

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