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Get closer to the waterways in a kayak, looking out for colourful bird life, river turtles and caiman.

A great way to enjoy a closer connection with the rivers of the Amazon Basin is in a kayak and, on the way, perhaps see some wildlife, including toucans, caiman and river turtles. Given the size of the kayaks, it is also easier to approach the lush riverside vegetation, perhaps offering the chance to discover other more reculsive birds and animals. It is also possible to observe some local lives working on the farms along the river and also visit a riverside beach.

This activity involves paddling down a few small rapids in a part of the Tambopata River, intermixed with calmer waters.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Peruvian Amazon
What to do in the Peruvian Amazon

Paddle Boarding

Trying this fun activity is a great way to experience first-hand the rivers of the Amazon basin.

Mountain Biking

Guests of the Posada Amazonas can cycle through the Amazon basin on over six miles of bike trails.

Amazon Canopy Climbing

Scale one of the towering trees of the Amazon to get a truly birds-eye view of the sprawling rainforest.