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A journey through the Delta with, lush tropical vegetation even in winter, is fascinating. Before arrival, we travel to the Olivos neighborhood, where the Presidential Residence is located. Once at at Tigre, we will board a boat and sail along the different rivers and streams that make up the Paraná Delta. There are numerous "recreos" and restaurants at the riverside and an excellent fruit market at nearby San Fernando channel on Sundays. Inland there are countless channels, attractive holiday homes, a profitable fruit-growing center and clubs with some beautiful buildings, such as the Venetian style Italian Club. The Navy Museum contains navigation instruments, flags and banners, paintings of naval battles and relics of the 1982 South Atlantic War, on display outside. The Museum of the Reconquista celebrates the reconquest of Buenos Aires from the British in 1806-1807.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do near Buenos Aires
What to do near Buenos Aires

Colonia Del Sacramento

Montevideo & Colonia

8478 Estancias Of The Pampa

Estancias of the Pampa

8475 Underground Tunnels

Underground Tunnels


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