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The Gauchos, lonely riders of the Pampas, are one of the country's most characteristic and fascinating icons. Their culture can be explored in-depth at the many boutique estancias which dot the open plains around the capital city, easily reached on a day tour from Buenos Aires. 

This comprehensive tour starts at the colonial town of San Antonio de Areco, which in the 19th century was the last civilized outpost before entering the land of the Indians. We will visit the Draghi Cultural Center & Workshop, located at a beautiful early 20th century house and home to a beautiful silverwork collection. Next, we will see the Ricardo Güiraldes Museum, devoted to Areco's prodigal son and author of Don Segundo Sombra, one of the most important works in Gaucho literature. Naturally, the museum is located at a ranch and has an imitation Pulpería - the local stores where gauchos used to gather. The displays of knives, books, paintings, clothes and utensils will help us picture how life was in the countryside. Finally, we will visit the Molina Campos museum, located in a recently renovated house, which preserves the work of Florencio Molina Campos, the artist that best depicted the life of the Gauchos.

The rest of the day will be spent at La Bamba, an exclusive ranch of the Pampas. Located at the end of an avenue lined with century-old trees, the master house at La Bamba is built around the main courtyard, with a well-endowed library in the guard tower and a panoramic gallery, opening onto the park. Nestling in the midst of a magnificent park, this typical colonial style ensemble houses rooms and suites spread over three buildings, with several reception rooms, a billiard room, a bar, a massage room and a boutique. A regional and refined culinary tradition, outstanding service, charm and character make La Bamba de Areco an essential stopping place. At the Estancia, you will be able to enjoy the pool and the solarium, go trekking or bird watching or you can go horseback riding to see the Estanci, on one of their splendid (and tame) animals.

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