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A wonderful way to appreciate both the beauty and the immensity of the Northern Patagonian environment is to take a horse ride through the steppe and open valleys. Pass through ancient woodland, enjoy magnificent views and relax in the company of your fellow riders as you enjoy a typically Argentine activity, led by expert guides. Along the way you might spot hares, red foxes, and deer or even wild horses, guanacos and choiques (lesser rhea) in some of the plains. Reach a lagoon and you might see large flocks of pink flamingos, black neck swans and upland geese.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do in the Argentine Lake District
What to do in the Argentine Lake District

Hiking to Condor nest

See the iconic birds soaring majestically overhead with a short hike to their volcanic ash nesting site.

River Manso Rafting

A fun and high octane way to experience the natural splendour of the Argentine Lake District.

Catch & Release Fishing

Whether an expert or a beginner, the Argentine Lake District provides numerous places to fish for trout or salmon.