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Bariloche has a wide range of fishing sites, ideal for expert anglers and beginners alike. The Nahuel Huapi National Park has many lakes and rivers with easily accessible shores, providing particularly good conditions for breeding various fish species which are highly appreciated by fishing enthusiasts. The Rainbow trout is one of the most widespread, and can be found before and after rapids, usually in fast-flowing crystal-clear waters. Brown trout is found in nearly all the rivers and lakes in the area, whilst Brook trout and landlocked salmon can also be fished, using spinning, fly casting and trolling techniques.

The most popular places for fishing include Lake Nahuel Huapi and its system of rivers and streams, the mouth of Limay River, where the most common species are rainbow and brown trout, and the Manso and Traful River systems, recognised as the best sites for salmon fishing in the region. The fishing season begins in November and ends in April. There is also one site where fishing is allowed all year round: Moreno Lake.

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