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The subtropical and biodiverse area of Los Yungas is a region characterized by its exuberant vegetation, with many rivers and waterfalls leading to the Amazon basin and a huge diversity flora and fauna. Los Yungas is considered one of the country’s richest eco-regions and a large variety of crops are grown, such as coffee, corn, banana, citrus, and cocan. Throughout the 2 hour drive from La Paz there are great views, with a lot of contrasts and changes in landscape; from crossing a 4,650 m Andean pass at La Cumbre, surrounded by snow-capped mountains with impressive glaciers, to the entrance of the Amazonian rainforest at Yolosa.

After arrival in Yolosa there will be a visit to La Senda Verde - a unique Wildlife Refuge. This project started in 2003 as a typical ecotourism lodge, but soon after the founders started rescuing animals, including a capuchin monkey and two parrots. La Senda Verde has now become a vital safe haven for over 450 animals, among which are many monkeys, birds, Andean Bears, turtles and snakes. After the “Senda Verde” and “Aruma Bear” tours, the trip continues to the Café Munaipata, near Coroico for lunch.

Munaipata is a small coffee company that only utilises locally and organically produced coffee, thus promoting local and sustainable practices. The tour concludes with a short visit to the coffee plantations, before returning to La Paz.

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