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No matter where you travel along Brazil's coastline, you are never far away from a picture-perfect beach, some hidden and deserted, others thriving with typical Brazilian beach life.

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From colonial hillside gems and sprawling seaside settlements to shiny modern metropolises, Brazilian cities are full of vibrant local life and fascinating tales.

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Brazil is home to the world's largest rainforest, widest waterfall and biggest wetlands, bursting with an extraordinary array of exotic animals and birds.

Image for: 7521 Top Things To Do And See In Brazil

Top things to do and see in Brazil

Discover the top things to do and see in Brazil. Read our guide about the best beaches & natural landmarks in South America’s biggest country.

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Brazil's June Festivals

Learn all about the rich traditions and spectacular celebrations of Brazil's June Festivals.

Image for: 8509 Best Places To Attend Brazils June Festivals

Best places to attend Brazil's June Festivals

Discover some of the best places to experience Brazil's June Festivals on a memorable holiday to the cultural heart of this extraordinary country.

Image for: 10739 Life On Board An Amazon Expedition Cruise

Life on board an Amazon expedition cruise

We speak to Mark Baker to learn why he left behind the world of lumbering to create a true expedition cruise into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

Image for: 10836 Festivals & Events In Brazil

Festivals & Events in Brazil

Planning a holiday to Brazil? Consult our calendar of cultural festivals and events which you might like to coincide your visit with.

Image for: 11292 Uncovering The Natural Beauty Of Northern Brazil

Uncovering the natural beauty of Northern Brazil

A new flight to Recife has made it easier to reach the idyllic beaches and vibrant cities of Northern Brazil, perfect for second time visitors to the country.