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Image for: 4551 Diverse Landscapes

Diverse Landscapes

Contrast the salt flats, geysers and moonscapes of the arid north with the lakes, glaciers and temperate forests of Patagonia.

Image for: 12106 Walking & Activities

Walking & Activities

Chile's Hiking trails reveal chiseled peaks, sparkling lakes, snow-capped volcanoes and temperate forests.

Image for: 1709 Tierra Del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

Patagonia Cruises

Expedition cruises carry intrepid like-minded travellers to the remote reaches of Patagonia. Encounter immense glaciers, verdant forests, penguin colonies and traditional communities.

Image for: 5677 Top 7 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Chile

Top 7 things to do and places to visit in Chile

Get the run-down on the best places to visit in Chile and the memorable travel experiences on offer at each with our expert guide.

Image for: 5125 Top 5 Places To Go In Patagonia

Top 5 places to go in Patagonia

Discover the top things to do in Patagonia. Choose from places to go such as Tierra del Fuego, Lake District & much more.

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Cape Horn: Life at latitude 50

Ever wondered what life is like at the end of the world? Visit Cape Horn on an expedition cruise and evoke the spirit of those early intrepid sailors.

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7 key elements of a Tierra del Fuego Australis cruise

Tierra del Fuego is a land of epic glaciers, pristine forests, remote penguin colonies and mythical Cape Horn.