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Expedition cruises carry intrepid like-minded travellers to the remote reaches of Patagonia. Encounter immense glaciers, verdant forests, penguin colonies and traditional communities.

Southern Chile's often centuries-old and impossibly large masses of glistening ice are living and breathing creatures, made up of compacted snowfall and which expand and contract under the immense pressures they create. They slide off of mountains and veer gently downwards, before meeting the icy waters, the surface of which is often decorated with thousands of small chunks ice.

These glaciers, along with the penguin colonies, native forests, endemic bird life and snow-capped mountain views, are only reached by specialist expedition cruises, which depart from various points in Chilean Patagonia and offer differing itineraries to groups of intrepid and like-minded travellers.

Departing on an Australis cruise from Punta Arenas in Tierra del Fuego will take you to the most inaccessible reaches of South America. Historic isolated islands and bays, snow-capped mountain peaks and remote Patagonian forests are waiting to be discovered, whilst an array of abundant wildlife includes elephant seals, Magellanic penguins, cormorants and more. In this mysterious part of the world, the place names alone are enough to conjure up images of the intrepid adventures of early navigators; Desolate Bay, East and West Furies and Useless Bay. These days, cruises to Tierra del Fuego take place in much more comfortable surrounds, with cocktail receptions welcoming you on board and fine dining, outstanding views, daily guided tours and welcoming cabins in which to rest, ahead of another busy day exploring the Land of Fire (and a great deal of ice).

Further north, the Skorpios II cruise guides you from Puerto Montt through the Chilean fjords of the Northern Ice Field. These ship navigates between towering glaciers, verdant forests, welcoming hot springs and traditional fishing communities, including those found on the timeless archipelago of Chiloe. Skorpios III cruises depart from Puerto Natales and explore the glaciers, fjords and bays of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

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Northern Ice Field Skorpios II Cruise

Cruise fjords to lush mountains, sculptured icebergs, colourful fishing villages to the spectacular San Rafael Glacier.

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Follow the icy waters to the end of the world in wild Patagonia


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