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In the magnificent Himalaya mountain range on the border with Nepal, Mount Everest stands tallest in a land of giants.

Visiting the Mount Everest North Base Camp, nestled in the Himalayas in Southern Tibet, is one of the ultimate travel experiences, affording a privileged close-up encounter with the world's tallest and most mythical mountain. The camp can be reached on a two day drive from the region's capital Lhasa and on the way you will pass the sacred Yamdrok Lake, the wonderful monasteries of Gyantse and Shigatse, powerful glaciers and a number of dazzlingly beautiful mountain passes, including one of the highest in the world. From here, you might be lucky enough to catch your first glimpse of the giant, standing tall next to its towering neighbours in the distance.

Visitors to the Base Camp can choose to stay in either the basic Rongbuk Monastery Guest House, which has a small number of private rooms, some of which look out directly to Everest, or the large communal tents clustered a little further down the road. These are roomy, charming and kept warm thanks to the permanent yak dung fires which burn in the centre. From the camp you can enjoy wonderful views, especially early in the morning, and a short ride on the shuttle bus to takes us to base camp, to get just that bit closer to Everest.

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