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Meeting local communities and learning about their way of life in the world's biggest rainforest is an essential part of the Amazon experience. Guests of the Kapawi Lodge can do just that, enjoying a range of cultural activities with the Achuar community. These include learning traditional greetings around a campfire, listening to their fascinating stories and legends and discovering the art of face painting and its significance. You will also be able to purchase some locally-made handicrafts should you wish. 

As part of the itinerary when staying at the lodge, you can also take part in an early morning traditional Achuar tea ceremony, starting at 4am.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Ecuadorian Amazon
What to do in the Ecuadorian Amazon

8593 Kichwa Añangu Community

Kichwa Añangu Community

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Macaw & Parrot Clay Licks

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Jungle Nature Trails


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