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When the sun goes down in the Amazon, the rainforest takes on a very different character under the starry night sky, as nocturnal creatures emerge. Amongst these are myriad insects, amphibians and reptiles, such as tarantulas, whip-scorpions, tree frogs, caimans, spider monkeys, fishing bats, nightjars and even snakes. A local expert will guide you around specially designed trails or take you out in canoes to help you discover the other side of the Amazon.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Ecuadorian Amazon
What to do in the Ecuadorian Amazon

8588 Jungle Nature Trails

Jungle Nature Trails

8587 Macaw & Parrot Clay Licks

Macaw & Parrot Clay Licks

8589 Canopy Towers

Canopy Towers


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