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The most authentic and unspilt of the Indonesian islands, with a good choice of comfortable accommodation.

Sumba is one of the Lesser Sunder Islands and the most unspoilt inhabited island in Indonesia, with a population of around 800,000. The island is home to the Sumbese people, known locally as Tau Humba. Most people live in villages, with a lifestyle that has not changed for centuries.

Their culture is fascinating, from the unusually shaped thatched bamboo huts to the traditional crafts of weaving and stone carving. The local people live off the land, raising livestock and growing crops of rice, beans, corn and cassava. Their clothes remain traditional, with men wearing a hingii and fabric headgear, and women wearing colourful fabrics used as the lower part of their sarong.

The islanders have many festivals during the year, making for an enjoyable spectacle to be part of.

The island has a good selection of flights from Bali and several excellent hotels and resorts for a comfortable stay. The beach resorts offer a quiet, unspoilt experience, and the unique Sumba Hospitality School helps local people learn the skills to work in the tourist industry.

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