Take a panoramic plane ride over the mysterious giant symbols in the coastal deserts of Southern Peru.

Where else in the world can you take to the skies and soar over the images of a giant monkey, flamingo, hummingbird, whale and a lizard intersected by the Pan-American highway? In what other context are an astronaut, dog and condor linked? These are just some of the many mysterious geoglyphs you will see on an aerial tour of the ancient Nazca Lines, scattered over the barren coastal deserts of Southern Peru. How they were created and what purpose they serve remains a mystery.

The Nazca lines cover a surface area of more than 500 square km. of desert between Palpa, Nazca and Pampa Colorada, and are an incredibly precise collection of figures and lines, as yet unexplained. Maria Reiche spent most of her life studying, protecting and clearing the lines, arriving at her theory of them representing an astronomical calendar. 

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The Criollo Tour - Holidays to Peru


Criollo Tour

14 Nights from £4,138 €4,065 $4,379

Discover Peru's diverse landscapes and history, from the Coastal Desert, the altiplano and high peaks of the Andes, to the lush Amazon rainforest.

The Criollo Tour
Tours in Peru

14 Nights from £4,138 €4,065 $4,379

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Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Welcome Introduction to Lima

  2. Day 2 - Nasca Lines

  3. Day 3 - Excursion to Ballestas Islands

  4. Day 4 - City Tour & Santa Catalina Convent

  5. Day 5 - Excursion to Uros Islands

  6. Day 6 - Train Journey to Cusco

    Day 7 - Excursion to the Sacred Valley

    Day 8 - City Tour & Ruins Of Cusco

    Day 9 - At Leisure in Cusco

  7. Day 10 - Journey to Machu Picchu

    Day 11 - Return to Cusco

  8. Day 12 - Amazon Lodge & Canopy Tower

    Day 13 - Wildlife Safari & Community Visit

  9. Day 14 - Lima

    Day 15 - Lima

The Pachamama Tour - Holidays to Landmark Tours

Landmark Tours

Pachamama Tour

21 Nights from £3,751 €3,601 $3,876

Combine an Amazon adventure with visits to the Inca heartland in Peru and the island communities of Lake Titicaca and a flight over the mysterious Nazca Li…

The Pachamama Tour
Tours in Landmark Tours

21 Nights from £3,751 €3,601 $3,876

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Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Travel to Lima

    Day 2 - Paracas

    Day 3 - Ballestas islands and Inca Museum

  2. Day 4 - Nazca Lines

    Day 5 - Arequipa

  3. Day 6 - La Paz & Moon Valley

  4. Day 7-8 - Lake Titicaca & Copacabana

    Day 9 - Sun Island, Lake Titicaca

  5. Day 10 - Travel to Puno

    Day 11 - Train to Cusco

    Day 12 - Tour of Cusco

  6. Day 13 - Train to Machu Picchu

    Day 14 - Machu Picchu at leisure

    Day 15 - Sacred Valley

  7. Day 16-18  - Amazon Cruise

    Days 19-20 - Return to the airport and fly to Lima


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