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Guests are led through the different eco-systems - terra firme, palm swamps, lakes and floodplains - enjoying the exuberant vegetation and wildlife activity and passing towering trees, jungle ponds and a mind-boggling array of exotic flora.

Some of the most interesting trails in Tambopata include:

Palm Swamp Trail, TRC - a natural wetlands where palm trees reach some 30 metres high and provide homes for macaws, monkeys and much more wildlife. Accessed via a raised broadway

Floodplain Trail, TRC - hike through the natural floodplains that surround the lodge, looking out for Spider Monkeys, trogons, parrots, toucans, antbirds, woodcreepers, manakins, peccaries and more

Lake Trails, TL - one forest trail leads to Lake Condenado, a wetland rich in tropical vegetation, which makes a great habitat for bird watching and the observation of other aquatic and terrestrial fauna. An alternative trails leads to Lake Sachavacayoc, a beautiful lake teeming with bird-life and home to black caiman and giant river otters.

Ceiba Tree Hike, RA & PA - crane your neck upwards to admire the towering trees that grow near the Tambopata River. These include 40 metre high Brazil Nut trees, 500 year old Ironwood trees and the giant of the jungle - the 50 metre tall Ceiba tree. Look out for macaws, monkeys and much more wildlife activity

Ethnobotanical Walk, RA - learn about the intimate relationship between the plants of the jungle and the local communities, who rely on these for food, medicine, clothing and building materials. Walk through a rainforest teeming with wildlife and thousands of different plant species, each with fascinating defence and apdaptation mechanisms to survive life in the jungle

Children's Rainforest Trail, RA - an educational and entertaining trail specially designed for children and is thus perfect for family holidays to the Amazon. It is based around the 'story' of a six year old girl who lives in the jungle, creating an engaging narrative and teaching the youngsters about their relationship with the natural world. Parents are welcome, though could equally choose to do their own activity

TRC = Tambopata Research Centre, RA = Refugio Amazonas, PA = Posada Amazonas, TL = Tambopata Lodge

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Peruvian Amazon
What to do in the Peruvian Amazon

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