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Along with clay licks, canopy towers are another important part of the visitor experience in the Tambopata Reserve. These raised platforms allow you to get much closer to the thriving wildlife of the canopies. The trees of this Terra Firme part of the Amazon grow to enormous sizes, some over 100 feet, making it a real challenge to spot movement from ground level.

Ascending up the canopy towers allows you possible sightings of toucans, parrots, macaws, tanagers, jacamars, trogons, woodpeckers, monkeys and other rainforest wildlife. A guide will be on hand throughout to help you spot these and also explain the different levels of the forest, stopping at the different sections of the tower.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Peruvian Amazon
What to do in the Peruvian Amazon

Macaw & Parrot Clay Licks

Watch in awe as a sea of colour descends on the mineral-rich clay licks of the Tambopata Reserve.

Amazon Nature Trails

Guided walks are essential activities to better appreciate the extraordinary biodiversity of the Amazon basin.

Jungle Night Walks

Venture out after sunset to observe the fascinating life of nocturnal frogs, snakes, insects and night monkeys.