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5903 Special In Depth Beijing Tour

Special in-depth Beijing tour

Gain an in-depth perspective on Beijing's past and present with our specially designed tour of the capital.

9290 Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Explore the ancient complex, home to 24 Chinese emperors to immerse yourself in China’s Dynastic past.

5900 Summer Palace & Old Palace

Summer Palace & Old Palace

Tour the magnificent lakeside summer residence of emperors, cross the lake by boat and see the Old Palace ruins.

6339 Temple Of Heaven Park

Temple of Heaven Park

Climb the sacred steps to one of China’s finest temples and observe locals taking their morning exercises.

5899 Hike The Great Wall Of China

Hike the Great Wall of China

A range of options to hike along a wild and atmospheric part of the Great Wall of China, just north of Beijing.

5898 Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tombs

Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming tombs

Ride the cable cars to a picturesque restored section of the Great Wall and visit the impressive Ming tombs.

5902 Hutongs: Behind The Scenes

Hutongs: Behind the Scenes

Traverse the alleyways of a traditional hutong to gain an insight into life here and partake in cultural activities.

6338 Beijing Off The Beaten Track

Beijing off the beaten track

Delve into Beijing's lesser visited places to gain a different perspective on life here, away from the crowds.

5904 Three Temples Tour

Three temples tour

Visit three beautiful temples to learn how Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism remain relevant today.

6336 798 Art Zone

798 Art Zone

Wander the bohemian streets of Beijing’s art district to see the creative side of the city, full of surprises.

5897 Opera, Kung Fu & Acrobatics

Opera, Kung Fu & Acrobatics

Enjoy the world famous Peking Opera, a breathtaking acrobatics performance or some high flying Kung Fu.

6337 Museums Of Beijing

Museums of Beijing

Discover more about Beijing’s captivating history, culture and art at some of the city’s specialist museums.




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