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Visit three beautiful temples to learn how Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism remain relevant today.

China's three ancient belief systems have all fallen in and out of fashion and have been repressed and promoted by Emperors and leaders at various points of the country's history. Today they are, generally speaking, all encouraged and allowed to flourish, interconnecting and complementing each other, as opposed to being in competition or contradiction.

Visiting three of Beijing's beautiful and often tranquil temples will allow you to explore Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism in more detail, understanding the main philosophies behind each and how they each inform a particular area of modern life. During your visit you are just as likely to see the younger generation, schoolchildren and students worshiping or studying as you are Beijing's older inhabitants.

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Temple of Heaven Park

Climb the sacred steps to one of China’s finest temples and observe locals taking their morning exercises.

Beijing off the beaten track

Delve into Beijing's lesser visited places to gain different perspectives on life here, away from the crowds.

Hutongs: Behind the Scenes

Traverse the alleyways of a traditional hutong to gain an insight into life here and partake in cultural activities.