A short drive from Guilin are some of the country's most beautiful landscapes and small minority villages.

Known also as the Dragon's Backbone Terraces, the enchanting countryside around Longsheng is some of the most photogenic in China. Layers of spectacular rice terraces curve gracefully around the steep verdant hills of the region like ribbons, creating a scene that is profoundly beautiful. Tiny remote minority villages dot the landscape and can be explored during your visit to learn about the history and culture of the area. The terraces represent an extraordinary feat of engineering and are a shining example of Chinese vision and ingenuity.

The terraces change dramatically throughout the year here. In spring they are filled with water to irrigate the fields, turning green with the arrival of summer. They take on a golden palette of beautiful autumnal colours at harvest time, before winter brings snow to the mountainous region.

The rice terraces are located just two hours north of the Guilin and its magnificent karst landscapes. They can be visited on a day trip, though you may prefer to stay in Ping'an village overnight for a fuller experience.

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" Longsheng Rice Terrace " by severin.stalder - licensed under CC BY

The Dynasty Tour - Holidays to China


Dynasty Tour

13 Nights from £3,777 €3,632 $3,910

Travel back in time from the futuristic skyscrapers of Shanghai, through rural life in the country's most beguiling landscapes to tales of China's dynastic…

The Dynasty Tour
Tours in China

13 Nights from £3,777 €3,632 $3,910

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Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Welcome to Shanghai

    Day 2 - Highlights of Shanghai

    Day 3 - Shanghai at leisure

    Day 4 - Shanghai at leisure

  2. Day 5 - Reed Flute Caves & transfer to Longsheng

    Day 6 - Longji Rice Terraces

  3. Day 7 - Li River Cruise

    Day 8 - Hiking or cycling in Yangshuo

  4. Day 9 - Welcome to Beijing

    Day 10 - Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven

  5. Day 11 - Great Wall & Ming Tombs

  6. Day 12 - Day at Leisure in Beijing

The Mandarin Tour - Holidays to China


Mandarin Tour

22 Nights from £6,939 €7,426 $8,020

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The Mandarin Tour
Tours in China

22 Nights from £6,939 €7,426 $8,020

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Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Welcome to Beijing

    Day 2 - Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven

  2. Day 3 - Great Wall & Ming Tombs

  3. Day 4 - Beijing Summer Palace

  4. Day 5 - Bullet Train to Xi'an

    Day 6 - Xi'an City Tour

    Day 7 - Terracotta Army

  5. Day 8 - Transfer to Tibet

    Day 9 - Jokhang Temple & Drepung Monastery

    Day 10 - Potala Palace, Norbulingka & Sera Monastery

  6. Day 11 - Transfer to Mount Emei

    Day 12 - Mount Emei tour

    Day 13 - Leshan Giant Buddha

  7. Day 14 - Panda Research Center

  8. Day 15 - Transfer to Longsheng

    Day 16 - Longji Rice Terraces

  9. Day 17 - Li River Cruise

    Day 18 - Hiking or cycling in Yangshuo

  10. Day 19 - Transfer to Shanghai

    Day 20 - Highlights of Shanghai

    Day 21 - Shanghai at leisure

  11. Day 22 - Suzhou's Classical Gardens

    Day 23 - Return flight to UK

Longji Rice Terraces


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