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The renowned Li-An Lodge is located in the heart of the Longji region at Ping An village, overlooking gracefully curving rice terraces for as far as the eye can see. Its attraction goes far beyond its spectacular views, with 16 individually and tastefully designed rooms, decorated with beautiful Chinese art, calligraphy and architectural details.

The lodge offers the following terrace view rooms:

MelodyIn this room you will see the very interesting Chinese music melody. An old music instrument is displayed in the specially made furniture.

Calligraphy The objects displayed in the room tell the evolution of Chinese calligraphy over 5000 years ago. 

Rock In the old days, Chinese people rely on stone made carved stamps for signatures to put on official or important documents. To this day, stamps like these are still used.

Double Happiness The room is decorated with a marvellous collection of different objects bearing happy elements.

Windows - This is a corner room with windows on two walls to view the magnificent outside landscape. Another two walls in the room are fitted with built-in windows made in traditional Chinese architectural style. 

Harvest - It is furnished with special hand made furniture and utensils which would be found in local peoples' houses, such as stone mill, raincoat made of palm tree bark and bamboo hat. 


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