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2038 Fonda Vela

Fonda Vela

2039 Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge

4798 Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar

4803 Monteverde Lodge

Monteverde Lodge

Senda Exteriorroom 01

Senda Monteverde Hotel

Senda Monteverde Hotel


READY - 27 May 2023

BRAZIL FOCUS: Tour Itineraries, Hotels, Attractions

LANDMARK TOURS Multi-Country & Cross Continent

FAMILY HOLIDAYS: Multi Generation Quality Time

COSTA RICA LODGES: Rainforest & Costal Habitats

CHINAINDIA: Open for travel, no PCR/Quarantine

ANTARCTICA: Fly-Cruise, Sea Spirit, Aurora Cruise

GUIDES by Veloso Tours, are the best Local Hosts

TRAVEL INSURANCE with extensive COVID-19 cover