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2122 Bristol Hotel

Bristol Hotel

2123 Canopy Tower Ecolodge & Nature Observatory

Canopy Tower Ecolodge & Nature Observatory

2124 Courtyard Marriott

Courtyard Marriott

2126 Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Gamboa Rainforest Resort


READY - 4 December 2023

ECUADOR & GALAPAGOS: Friendly Wildlife & Culture

LANDMARK TOURS: Multi-Country & Cross Continent

COSTA RICA TOURS & LODGES: Rainforest Habitats

CLIPPER CRUISES: Stunning Traditional Tall Sailling Ships: Costa Rica, Barbados, Saint Martin

CHINAINDIA: Local Life, People & Unique Cultures

GUIDES by Veloso Tours, are the best Local Hosts

TRAVEL INSURANCE with extensive COVID-19 cover