Brazil is a land of superlatives with stunning landscapes, beaches, wildlife and a rich colonial history.

Brazil exudes the exotic, and conjures up images of bright colours, rhythmic music, friendly laid-back people, and golden sun-drenched beaches surrounded by palm trees and blue skies. It evokes vibrant cities such as Rio de Janeiro, infused with Portuguese heritage, blended with African influences and inhabited by Brazilians with a zest for life and love of energetic carnivals.

But Brazil is a vast country with many faces, and away from the coast are the vast rainforest of the Amazon, the expansive wetlands of the Pantanal and thundering waterfalls of Iguassu, waiting to be explored.

Country Facts

Language: Portuguese - Capital: Brasilia - Time Difference: GMT -3 Hours - Flying time from UK: 11H 45M non-stop - Currency: Real

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Rio de Janeiro by Emilio García - licensed under CC

Rio de Janeiro

The Marvelous City has become synonymous with laid-back Brazilian beach culture and breathtaking scenery.

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Buzios - Geribá by Filipe Fortes - licensed under CC


Buzios is a trendy and vibrant seaside resort peninsula located two hours north of Rio de Janeiro.

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Paraty by Otávio Nogueira - licensed under CC

Paraty & The Gold Coast

A preserved historical gem of colonial architecture, Paraty is a veritable paradise. Nearby are idyllic golden beaches, f…

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Ilha Grande by fab de nice - licensed under CC

Ilha Grande

The island boasts virgin forest and deserted beaches, with most of the small hotels in the modest fishing village.

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Cataratas del Iguazú by Papa Pic - licensed under CC

Iguassu Falls

Admire the breathtaking beauty of the one of world's biggest waterfalls.

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Ouro Preto by Pedro de Carvalho Ponchio - licensed under CC

Ouro Preto

The cobblestone streets lead you past decorative fountains, statues, charming churches and 18th century mansions.

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Mariana, Brazil by Rosino - licensed under CC

Cities of Minas Gerais

In exploring these cities you can immerse yourself in one of the most glorious periods of Brazilian history.

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Pelourinho - 1 by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo - licensed under CC

Salvador da Bahia

The colourful streets of Salvador de Bahia are the best place to experience Afro-Portuguese culture in Brazil.

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Praia do Forte by Otávio Nogueira - licensed under CC

Praia Do Forte

Located north of Salvador, this sleepy fishing village is popular for its picturesque church and idyllic beaches.

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Morro De Sao Paulo by Fotos GOVBA - licensed under CC

Morro De Sao Paulo

This island fishing village is a tranquil paradise of swaying palm trees and trendy bohemian lifestyle. The bay has three…

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Teatro Amazonas by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC


Located at the heart of the Amazon, Manaus offers old-world architecture and modern urbanism set deep in the jungle

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Brazilian Amazon by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC

Brazilian Amazon Lodges

Escape civilisation to secluded areas of pristine rainforest, and immerse yourself in the untamed wilds of the jungle.

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Tucano Amazon Cruise

Amazon river cruise for 4 or 7 nights, to reach deeper into seldom explored rivers and creeks of the rainforest, from the…

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Tuiuiú - Ave simbolo do Pantanal by Marinelson Almeida - licensed under CC


Few places in the world are better for viewing wildlife than the Pantanal wetlands, a mosaic of lakes, rivers and forest

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Trains of Brazil

Experience the authentic Brazil with our selection of luxury train rides, which carry you to remote areas of beauty, seen…

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Brasilia - Catedral Metropolitana by Luigi Guarino - licensed under CC


The modern capital was designed by the famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeye, on a blank canvas, to be the symbol of …

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Chapada Diamantina by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC

Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina is a region in the interior, west of Salvador, renown for its stunning plateau mountains, rivers, wate…

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Chapada dos Veadeiros by Lucia Carvalho Horta - licensed under CC

Chapada dos Veadeiros

Located north of Brasilia, there is a ancient plateau of flat-topped mountains, with few people and charactarised by roll…

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Rosanetur by Fernando de Noronha - Setembro 2015 - licensed under CC

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando Noronha is a small archipelago Marine Reserve about one hour flying from Recife in the Northeast. The number…

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Magnífica Vista de Um dos Morros de Ólinda by Valdiney Pimenta - licensed under CC


Set on a hill north of Recife, Olinda is one of the largest and most beautiful complexes of colonial architecture in Braz…

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Porto de Galinhas by Otávio Nogueira - licensed under CC

Porto de Galinhas

The embodiment of Brazilian beach culture; the laid-back town has a long beach protected by a reef.

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Trancoso by Michell Zappa - licensed under CC


A historical coastal village of colourful houses and idyllic beaches surrounded by coconut trees and golden sand.

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Hercílio Luz Bridge by Noel Portugal - licensed under CC


The south of Brazil has a strong European feel bought by the people who settled here more than one hundred years ago. The…

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PIPA - RN by Rosanetur - licensed under CC

Praia da Pipa

Praia da Pipa is a mixture of red sandy cliffs and sheltered coves that attract dolphins and marine turtles, set against …

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Beach by matheuslotero - licensed under CC

Ilheus & Itacare

Previously one of the largest cocoa exporters of the country, Ilheus is now famed for its beaches, which attract thousand…

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Country Lodges

Inland from Rio is a mountain range with old style estates, from the coffee producing era of the late 19th century.

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Lençóis Maranhenses by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC


What makes Maranhao so special is the way the landscape evolves from one day to the next, as white sand is whipped to and…

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Jericoacoara by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC


A remote beach village of windswept sand dunes, groves of waving coconut palms and traditional fishing boats.

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Sitio de la Victoria regia, Leticia by Aliman5040 - licensed under CC


Tabatinga is a municipality in the Três Fronteiras area of Northwestern Brazil, on the border with Peru and Colombia. It …

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The 10 best train journeys in Latin America - Part II

Five more of our favourite train journeys from across Latin America.

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King Penguin by Don Faulkner - licensed under CC

The 10 best wildlife experiences in Latin America

Latin America is full of wonderful wildlife opportunities, discover ten of our favourite places to indulge your passion.

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Christ on Corcovado mountain by Artyominc - licensed under CC

Travelling with children in Latin America: why do it and where to go

Read our six compelling reasons as to why you should take your children travelling. Then discover the five best family-fr…

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Lençóis Maranhenses - Lagoa Bonita by Fred Schinke - licensed under CC

Six places to combine with Rio de Janeiro

From magical landscapes to powerful waterfalls, six easy escapes to combine with Rio.

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Hotel de Sal, Salar de Uyuni by Nico Kaiser - licensed under CC

Epic adventures in the Land of Extremes

Nine record-breaking Latin American phenomenons to fire your imagination

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City Guide: Rio de Janeiro

Discover the best of Rio de Janeiro with our short guide to the Marvelous City.

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