Brazil is a land of superlatives with a modern lifestyle, stunning landscapes, wildlife and a rich colonial history.

Just the mention of Brazil conjures up vivid images of rhythmic music, infectious dance, aromatic food and invigorating cocktails on golden sun-drenched beaches, backed by verdant tropical jungle and deep blue skies. It evokes vibrant cities infused by Portuguese heritage, blended with African influences and inhabited by Brazilians with a common zest for life and the beat of chaotic carnivals. But Brazil is a vast country with many faces, and away from the hustle and bustle are sleepy colonial towns, breathtaking landscapes, expansive wetlands and thundering waterfalls waiting to be explored.

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Rio de Janeiro by Emilio García - licensed under CC

Rio de Janeiro

The Marvelous City has come to be synonymous with laid-back Brazilian beach culture, its contagious and irrepressible spi…

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Cataratas del Iguazú by Papa Pic - licensed under CC

Iguassu Falls

Feel the awesome force of the Devil's Throat and admire the breathtaking beauty of the world's greatest waterfalls.

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The Amazon

A journey into the Amazon is a magical encounter with nature, escaping civilisation to reach secluded areas of pristine r…

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Praça do Teatro Amazonas by Pedro Angelini - licensed under CC


Located at the heart of the Amazon, Manaus offers old-world sophistication, with modern urbanism set in the deepest reach…

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Tuiuiú - Ave simbolo do Pantanal by Marinelson Almeida - licensed under CC


Few places in the world are better for viewing wildlife than the Pantanal Wetlands, where a mosaic of lakes, rivers, fore…

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Pelourinho - 1 by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo - licensed under CC

Salvador da Bahia

The colourful streets of Salvador de Bahia are the best place to experience Afro-Portuguese culture in Brazil.

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Morro do Pai Inácio by Cleide Isabel - licensed under CC

Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina is one of Brazil's best-kept secrets with its numerous rivers, caves and waterfalls, and stunning plat…

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Morro De Sao Paulo by Fotos GOVBA - licensed under CC

Morro De Sao Paulo

This famous fishing village is the tranquil paradise of swaying palm trees and mangroves, with colourful birdlife and pri…

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Praia do Forte by Otávio Nogueira - licensed under CC

Praia Do Forte

Located north of Salvador is the sleepy fishing village of Praia do Forte, popular for its picturesque church, idyllic be…

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Paraty by Otávio Nogueira - licensed under CC

Paraty & The Gold Coast

A preserved historical gem of colonial architecture, Paraty is a veritable paradise where blanketed mountains of lush rai…

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Buzios - Geribá by Filipe Fortes - licensed under CC


One of Brazil’s most chic and vibrant seaside resorts is Buzios which has an almost Mediterranean feel and reputation as …

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Vista do Bairro das Lages by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo - licensed under CC

Ouro Preto

The cobblestone streets lead you past decorative fountains, statues, charming churches and mansions. Looking up at the st…

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Brasilia - Catedral Metropolitana by Luigi Guarino - licensed under CC


The modern capital was designed by the famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, on a blank canvas in the center of the…

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Trancoso by Michell Zappa - licensed under CC


One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the Brazilian coastline is to rent a small house by the beach in Trancos…

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Magnífica Vista de Um dos Morros de Ólinda by Valdiney Pimenta - licensed under CC


Set on a hill, just north of Recife, is one of the largest and most beautiful complexes of colonial architecture in Brazi…

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Recife - Porto de Galinhas by Rosanetur - licensed under CC

Porto de Galinhas

Just an hour south of Recife is Porto de Galinhas the embodiment of Brazilian beach culture; the laid-back town has a hos…

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Vista da lagoa da Conceição em Florianópolis SC! by Vencedor em Cristo Jesus - licensed under CC


Across the bay, the island holds the historic center and the chic district of Beira-Mar Norte.

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Rosanetur by Fernando de Noronha - Setembro 2015 - licensed under CC

Fernando de Noronha

This remote archipelago of tiny volcanic islands is a Marine National Park, with an abundance of tropical fish, and many…

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PIPA - RN by Rosanetur - licensed under CC

Praia da pipa

Praia da Pipa is a mixture of red sandy cliffs and sheltered coves that attract dolphins and marine turtles, set against …

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Ilha Grande

The island boasts virgin, unexplored forest and deserted beaches, with most of the small hotels in the modest but lively …

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Beach by matheuslotero - licensed under CC

Ilheus & Itacare

Previously one of the largest cocoa exporters of the country, Ilheus is now famed for its beaches, which attract thousand…

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Country Lodges

Inland from Rio de Janeiro is a mountain range with Fazendas, old style estates with colonial architecture, from the coff…

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Lençóis Maranhenses - Lagoa Bonita by Fred Schinke - licensed under CC


What makes Maranhao so special is the way the landscape evolves from one day to the next, as white sand is whipped to and…

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Chapada dos Veadeiros by pratiproy - licensed under CC

Chapada dos Veadeiros

This sublime landscape, under vast, open skies, is an extraordinary mosaic of different types of vegetation: majestic gra…

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Jericoacoara by Otávio Nogueira - licensed under CC


A national park preserves the unique habitat of towering, windswept sand dunes, groves of waving coconut palms and tradit…

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Mariana, Brazil by Rosino - licensed under CC

Cities of Minas Gerais

Explore the picturesque colonial cities in the hills of the inland state of Mina Gerais, where gold mining financed sumpt…

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