The largest waterfall system in the world

Arguably one of the world's greatest natural wonders and one of South America's most extraordinary sights. As one of the "big three" waterfalls, Iguassu has both a greater drop than Niagara and a larger total width than Victoria. The name Iguassu comes from the Guarani Indian word meaning 'great waters'. The largest waterfall is the Devils Throat or Garganta del Diablo in Spanish, where a special platform just a few meters from the edge offers a magical vantage point to watch the huge quantity of water drop 80 meters and crash down in spectacle of thundering mist. .

It is best to experience the falls on both sides, to see the falls from different vantage points. On the Brazilian side, a trail runs along the top of the deep canyon formed by the Iguassu river below the falls. You have numerous vantage points to stop, admire the waterfalls and take pictures.

The whole area is a National Park surrounded by dense forest where you can experience the local flora and fauna. In addition, there are the Macuco boat trips on the river to watch the waterfalls from below, which get very wet. You may also wish to take a 15 minute helicopter ride over the whole area for a superb view of the river and the waterfalls.

Insights - Exploring the Waterfalls

There are an extensive network of wooden catwalks which offer a breath taking scenery and a dramatic spectacle as the thundering waters cascading down sheer drops and giving rise to clouds of spray that hover over the emerald green tropical rainforest to provide picturesque rainbows.  Scenic trails explore the surrounding rainforest, with plenty of opportunities to see the wildlife and plant life, including parrots, toucans, butterflies and orchids. Our naturalist guides  can also show you some of the hidden trails which take you down to the numerous small islands and picturesque deep blue bays. For those seeking something extra special how about a taking a helicopter ride  over the falls of the most impressive sights. 


The Upper circuit consists of a network of trails and bridges that run along the top of the falls. From this commanding position you have fantastic views looking down over the many cascading falls. The circuit is approximately half a mile and has six vantage points, including the famous "Devil's Throat" viewing area. The Lower circuit takes you to the base of the falls, where you will certainly get wet and feel the water on your face standing on the walkway. There are eight vantage points and the trial is approximately a mile long. Otherwise a  boat trip  offers a unique and dramatic spectacle that allows you to feel sheer force of nature and energy of the falls, as you are immersed in spray and overwhelmed by the thundering noise.


Insights - The Full Experience

To experience the full impact of the falls we take you to explore the contrasting elements of both sides. The Brazilian side has the best vantage points and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Whilst on the Argentinian side scenic trails and walkways above, below and behind the falls offer a more up close and personal experiences but be prepared to get wet. The excellent Argentine Visitor Centre provides interesting information about the falls, local flora and fauna is also well worthwhile visiting.

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Iguassu Falls


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