Spend your time exploring the pedestrianised village centre, lined with boutique restaurants, laid-back bars and artisan galleries. Alternatively, find your piece of paradise along miles of white sandy beaches, relax in the shade of swaying coconut palms and unwind in the warm seas. The stunning clarity of the water provides the ideal conditions for snorkelling among the beautiful coral reefs. The temperature is relatively constant throughout the year, although the months between April and June are wetter, with the hottest month being September. Praia do Forte is located around 50 miles north of Salvador de Bahia.

Insights - Coral Reef & Activities

The coral reef is close to the shoreline and home to a spectacular arrange of multi-coloured fish and marine wildlife, perfect for those who like to spend time in the water. During low tide, the small pools which form in the coral become miniature aquariums capturing brightly coloured fish and offering a unique insight into the fascinating marine life of the area. There are also larger pools which form and are heated by the hot sun to create natural spa baths. These are shallow and perfect for lounging about whilst soaking up the sunshine. Wind-surfing and sailing are also popular activities which can be arranged locally.

Insights - Tamar Project

Turtle Conservation Project


The Tamar Project, located next to the church and lighthouse, is a sea turtle preservation centre where you can learn their efforts to protect sea turtles from extinction in the Brazilian coastline. Visitors can observe the various life stages of four different species of sea turtle and between the months of December and February new-born sea turtles, hatched from eggs collected from the nearby beaches, are release back into the wild.

Insights - Medieval Fortess

We recommend exploring the nearby medieval fortress, for which the village is given its name "beach of the fort". Originally constructed by the Portuguese in the 16th century it commands great views out over the sea and countryside, critical for its role as a lookout post to warn the city of Salvador from approaching attacks.

Insights - Sapiranga forest reserve

Surrounding the village is the Sapiranga forest reserve with varying trails which can be done on foot, bike or horseback. Home to a plethora of species this reserve is a resting point for many species of migratory birds coming from North America. There is a lagoon and river which offer great opportunities to see local wildlife, such as seabirds and caiman, in their natural habitats. 

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