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This excursion takes you high into the Andes, taking the highway towards Argentina and passing the Aconcagua River Valley. The destination is the Portillo Ski Resort, 2,880 metres above sea level. Spectacular views of the wide Andean mountain range abound, include the highest peak in South America - the mighty Aconcagua. Portillo offers fantastic winter skiing between June and October and throughout the year the views of the surrounding mountains and of the emerald-coluored Laguna del Inca are magnificent.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do around Santiago de Chile
What to do near Santiago de Chile

Cajon Del Maipo

Head east towards the Andes to partake in outdoor activities or just relax in this large delightful park.

Hiking In La Campana National Park

Admire beautiful Chilean palm trees on scenic hikes in La Campana National Park.

Valle Nevado

Visit the source of the Mapucho River and the Valle Nevado Ski Resort, for stunning views and skiing opportunities.