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On this full day excursion you will leave the city and journey towards the Pacific Ocean, passing the agricultural valleys of Curacavo and Casablanca, to finally reach Vina del Mar. Vina is famous for its shopping and its parks of huge trees and palms, that gave it the name of 'Garden City'. You will visit the beautiful park of Quinta Vergara, with its amphitheatre, its arts museum and its public beaches.

You will travel down the coast to Valparaiso and its picturesque bay, enhanced by surrounding hills covered in colourful houses. Valparaiso is an attractive city, full of character and artistic flair. It was once the most important maritime destination of the Pacific coast of South America, when all boats sailing for the west coast of the Americas were forced to stop here, until the Strait of Panama was opened to navigation in 1914. The city is now a rich mix of arts and culture, as well as being the country's principal port and the home of the Chilean Navy. You will visit the downtown area, with its public buildings and monuments, as well as the picturesque walkways and art galleries of the hillside neighbourhoods. This tour of the city will help you to better understanding why it was Chile's most flourishing city in the early 20th century.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do around Santiago de Chile
What to do near Santiago de Chile

Maipo Valley Wine Bottles

Maipo Valley Vineyards

Cajon Del Maipo Valleys

Cajon Del Maipo

8544 Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado


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